The Work of ACCS

Fri, Oct 19th, 2018 2:47:55 pm

The work of the Association covers three main areas

  • Advice and support to schools/industrial relations
  • National issues – Negotiation/Policy setting and implementation
  • Research, development and training

The work of the Association is varied and involves a multiplicity of issues at both the level of macro issues at a national level and micro issues that are school specific. There is also a large degree of inter connectivity between both. An issue that is particular to an individual school may have as its consequence implications for all schools nationally.

The work of the full-time Secretariat of ACCS is directed by decisions arising from

  • Annual Convention
  • Regular meetings of the Executive Committee
  • Meetings of the Officers of ACCS
  • Meetings of the ACCS Sub-committees
  • ACCS delegations and deputations
  • Working Parties/Task Groups established for particular tasks/purposes
  • The ACCS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme
  • Meetings at school, area and business level
  • ACCS Education Conferences
  • ACCS Regional meetings
  • In School Management committee and annual conference

The day-to-day administration of ACCS is carried out by a full-time Secretariat:

  • General Secretary: Mr. John Irwin
  • Assistant General Secretary: Ms. Áine O'Sullivan
  • Human Resources Manager: Ms. Anne Marie Dillon
  • Office Manager: Ms. Susan Cunniffe
  • Clerical Officer : Ms. Debbie Riordan
  • Clerical Assistant: Ms. Eileen Diver

Contact Details:
Address 10H Centrepoint Business Park, Oak Drive, Dublin 12
Telephone 01 4601150
Fax 01-4601203
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