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ACCS/Info 39, 39A/2019

FÓRSA Notification of Industrial Action by School Secretaries.

Info 39/19

Department of Education and Skills officials have informed ACCS that FÓRSA has provided the Department with information on the nature of the industrial action involving school secretaries, which will commence next Friday 20th September and consist of:

  • a one-hour work stoppage
  • continuous work-to-rule which will consist of non-compliance with the use of Esinet, with the exception of OLCS.

A meeting is scheduled with Department officials in the coming days regarding this notification. Once more detail is available ACCS will release an Information Bulletin to schools.

Info 39/19A

ACCS is aware that some schools have received notification from FÓRSA of the commencement of industrial action by school secretaries this Friday, 20th September 2019.

We would appreciate if schools who have received this notification could let ACCS know by email as soon as possible so that we can provide advice and guidance on the matter.

Úrsceala Eile

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ACCS Info Bulletin 49/2019

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