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Education News

ACCS Úrsceala

ACCS/Info Bulletin 31/14

HSE post-primary schools vaccination programme 2014/2015 and the HPV vaccine.

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Vacancies for Post-Primary Inspectors

Recruitment to Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills: Applications due in September 2014

Part-time opportunities in teacher CPD Support Services for JCT

Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) is a DES teacher support service, hosted in Monaghan Education Centre. Its aim is to support schools in their implementation of the new Framework for Junior Cycle through the provision of appropriate high quality continuing professional development for school leaders and teachers, and the provision of effective teaching and learning resources.

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Further Resource Teaching Hours

The NCSE has received applications from schools for resource teaching hours for students with low incidence special educational needs where the necessary supporting documentation was not available for the March 2014 deadline.
The NCSE expects that decisions in relation to the remaining applications received by 22nd September will issue to schools in mid-October.

ACCS/Info Bulletin 30/14

Profiling of Your School Under a New Model of Allocating Additional SEN Teaching Resources

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ACCS/Info Bulletin 29/14

Review of Usage of Croke Park Hours - amendment to CL 25/11

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ACCS/Info Bulletin 28/14

Keying of Data to the On Line Claim System

ACCS/Info Bulletin 27/14

Pay Rates and Allowances for Self Financing Adult Education Classes

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ACCS/Info Bulletin 26/14

Procurement Update: New OGP contract for the supply of Stationery and Office Supplies

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ACCS/Info Bulletin 25/14

Re:    SNA allocation 2014/15,
Redundancy of SNAs,
Recruitment of SNAs – Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for 2014/15 School  Year - CL 44/2014.

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[ Circular-0058-2006-Appendix-1-Notification-of-Redundancy-Form-RP50-_1.pdf ]
[ Circular-0058-2006-Form-SNA-Red1-to-accompany-Application-Form-for-Redundancy-RP50.pdf ]
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