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ACCS Úrsceala

ACCS/Info Bulletin 25/14

Re:    SNA allocation 2014/15,
Redundancy of SNAs,
Recruitment of SNAs – Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for 2014/15 School  Year - CL 44/2014.

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[ cl0044_2014_2.pdf ]
[ cl0044_2014_faq_2.pdf ]
[ Circular-0058-2006-Appendix-1-Notification-of-Redundancy-Form-RP50-_1.pdf ]
[ Circular-0058-2006-Form-SNA-Red1-to-accompany-Application-Form-for-Redundancy-RP50.pdf ]
[ Seniority_of_SNA_s_cl0059_2006__1_.doc ]

ACCS/Info Bulletin 24/14

Re: Garda Vetting Update

ACCS/Info Bulletin 23/14

Re:     Procurement Update: Purchase of Personal Computers.

ACCS/Info Bulletin 22/14

Important Notice re Teacher Appointments and the Completion of the Redeployment Process

ACCS/Info Bulletin 21/14

Re: Update on Supervision & Substitution payments for 2013/2014 and P-POD Seminars.

ACCS/Info Bulletin 20/14

Re: Redeployment and Advertising Vacancies

ACCS/Info Bulletin 19/14

Re: Review of usage of Croke Park Hours - Amendment to CL 25/2011.

ACCS/Info Bulletin 18/14

RE: Review of usage of Croke Park Hours - Amendment to CL 25/2011

ACCS/Info Bulletin 17/14

Re: Survey on transfer of data from primary schools

ACCS/Info Bulletin 16/14

Re: Appointment of Programme Co-ordinator Posts of Responsibility at
Assistant Principal Level.